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Source Quote: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/beating-up-the-charts-19910808#ixzz2s2hu4YUK

Are you gonna buy headphones from someone who slapped Dee Barnes? What’s wrong? Didn’t think I would remember? Well here’s where this line of questioning is coming from (aside from it being an Eminem quote). Today on Twitter, I read someone’s post on how we like some songs, even though we know it’s completely ignorant, misogynist, and vile. Which is completely true. The poster than brought up Eminem and the song “Guilty Conscience.” So I went back and listened, remembering why I adore the song. Then I heard the line “You gonna take advice from somebody who slapped Dee Barnes?” Ever since the song came out I always told myself to Google Dee Barnes. I always thought it was some old white guy (my age is showing, I know). No. Dee Barnes aka Denise Barnes was a female rapper and TV personality that Dr. Dre pummeled at a party.

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“Can’t Deny It” (listen/download)

Remember Critta? Readers were given a glimpse of the rapper via his video “In My Head” back in 2012. He’s been through the motions career wise since that time but things are starting to settle down and he’s beginning to make his way back into the music world. One of the ways he’s doing so is as one half of Hip-Hop duo The Dons. His partner in crime is Aaron Romero and the two are a part of the Heavy Empire Records family. Not too long ago, he shared one of their latest videos with the site called “Can’t Deny It.” Give it a glance below.

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“Mangu” (preview)

John Lewis The Fifth has just been on a roll as of late musically. He’s sent over a couple of new solo singles that he’s dropped recently. The first, is a track called “Mangu.” The title comes from a dish that is popular over in the Dominican Republic. It’s mashed green plantains and it is deemed appropriate for any meal. John decided to go with the word because he felt like it was a nod to his roots and he wanted to create a song that embodied the roots of another part of him, which is Hip-Hop. He even went so far as to venture from his home of Miami to New York to record the offering to truly give it an authentic feel. That’s a neat little concept.


The site has always been about representing home (Milwaukee) but the talent in the Urban entertainment world spans far beyond the 414 and The Illixer has always tried to reflect that factor too. So figured it was time to take That’s My DJ to another level and reach out to some talents behind the tables in other states. First up, is the one and only DJ Ritz from Tampa, FL. If the name looks familiar it’s because he’s done a ton of work for regular site affiliate $hamrock and the Wyte Music Records camp. His work is always top shelf and that’s why he was a must feature on the segment. Learn more about “America’s Favorite Cracker” after the jump.