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Cover copyBack Cover(Photos By Maximus Da Mantis)

Readers first got wind of Maximus Da Mantis via a collaborative effort with another local name that was shared with the site. The post got a favorable response and thus Maximus decided to allow The Illixer to breakdown a full project from his catalog. The album that was selected is entitled The Art Of Life. It is a 20 track offering interwoven with the theme of Hip-Hop as a dying art form with Maximus making a valiant attempt to save it. Discover a couple of records that stood out to the site after the break.


Yeezus (iTunes)

Did you miss me? I know I disappeared like a father who said he was just going to get some milk. But you should know, like a herpes outbreak, I’ll always be back. Now that we’ve got that out the way, let’s talk about what I came for, Yeezus. Instead of doing my normal celebrity news update, I’m going to review the album heard around the world. Now if you’re an avid Kanye West listener, then you’ll agree that his catalog consists of nothing but great albums. His catalog includes one classic, two masterpieces, and two great albums. And then there’s Yeezus. Now let me go on the record and say Yeezus isn’t bad but it isn’t great either. Here’s a short breakdown of how I feel (track by track) …

Great America Cover(Photo By Isaiah W.)

Great America (listen/download)

Artist PC The Real is on a roll at the moment. He’s followed up the release of his premier solo project, Great America, with visuals for the lead single. The rundown on said single which happens to be “Welcome To Great America,” can be found via the site’s previous review. Thoughts on the rest of the mixtape are presented in the review as well.

cover(Photo By Live Mixtapes)

“Disrespectful” (previous review)

 R.E.B.E.L [Revolution Exists Behind Every Leader] (listen/download)

Ken Rebel finally got around to dropping his much anticipated debut mixtape last month. R.E.B.E.L [Revolution Exists Behind Every Leader] contains a total of 20 tracks with guest appearances from artists like: Emani, Jedi-P, Big Vic’k, and more.  The tape has garnered some positive attention from various media sources and fans alike. Ken promises it’s a diverse listen and the beginning of his efforts to give the Hip-Hop game a little makeover. Let’s see how he did after the break.

image(Photos By Chad W.)

OG Dutch Master is a rising talent from Baltimore, MD. He ventured into music, fashion, and graphic design at an early age to avoid going down the wrong path in life. His exposure to the Hip-Hop scene came from his job at a local boutique in Baltimore. The establishment hosted numerous rap cyphers and showcases, some of which included key artists like newest Bad Boy Records member Swagga Boy Los. OG Dutch Master worked behind the scenes at the events, keeping things organized and running smoothly. He used his position as an opportunity to learn the do’s and don’ts of the game. Additionally, he states that seeing Los go from rapping in a small venue to signing with a legendary company like Bad Boy Records is a source of inspiration. The other situation that impacted Dutch to take his music more seriously was the unfortunate death of his father. After enduring the hardships of growing up in B-More and suffering such a major loss, Dutch was ready for a change. He made his debut in 2012 and has been pushing full steam ahead ever since. Following his debut, OG Dutch Master went on to: release a mixtape, drop a few videos, conquer a couple of tours, build a respectable fan base, as well as gain some valid media attention and co-signs. His end game is to make a positive contribution to the already established Baltimore legacy through his passion for music and fashion.