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moses(Photo By Michael Wessel Photography)

The site first came to know Moses under two roles: as a top dog / co-owner over at Higher Education Records and as a producer. He proved to be pretty dope at both. However in recent months, another talent of his came to the forefront. That talent happens to be deejaying. He worked hard to establish himself and is now the leading man behind the tables at The Uptowner‘s open mic night every Sunday. He is also now amongst the go to names in the DJ pool for events. And he just got back from SXSW. So in light of all his recent success, it was only right that he be allowed to tell a little bit of his story in the new segment. See what he shared with The Illixer after the break.

JayR_Da_Prince_Nia_Monet_Dare_2b_Different-front-large(Photo By Dat Piff)

Dare 2B Different (listen/download)

Quimby is an artist fresh on the scene who came to The Illixer‘s attention via the buzz he’s been creating. He has a couple of fans who highly recommended him for the site and he also stood out in the mega collaboration track put together by camera talent Steve White, “6th Man.” Quimby’s initial foray into music took place amongst his peers and was something he did  just for fun. However, he got a taste of what he could do once he buckled down and got serious via a project he did with another local talent, Ted Jones. Their collaboration was titled The Fix – Volume 1. The effort got enough of a positive response that it motivated Quimby to forge ahead with music and drop his own debut mixtape, Dare 2B Different. With Dare 2B Different, Quimby is hoping that people will take note of his flexible style and one of a kind rhymes. He prides himself on having love for the 414 and the city definitely seems to share the sentiment. Continue reading beyond the break for a few songs that stuck with the site after listening to Quimby’s premiere.

Mixtape_zps943614ef(Photo By Street Ratt Promotion)

A few weeks ago, young rapper Ken Rebel released a brand new video. The visual is for his single “Rebelution” which will appear on his debut album, Rebel: Revolution Exists Behind Every Leader. The single was produced by Radicule. It is made up of eccentric musical components that give off a somber vibe. The content is melodramatic yet adept. Ken really lets his emotions fly on this one. As a whole, it is a fair record. The video itself has sparked a lot of debate and controversy.  See what all the excitement is about below.

Blocka_zps0ed7a921(Photo By So Elevated)

“Blocka” (Remake) (listen/download)

Esohel is an artist repping for the Chi. He fell in love with Hip-Hop at an early age via the infamous video channel, The Box. The channel resulted in him being influenced by artists such as: Busta Rhymes, Nas, Crucial Conflict, and a few others. Artists like Nas showed him the substance part of the art form and artists like Busta showed him how to be unique in his approach.  He took what he learned and has gone on to: build up a healthy catalog, open up for mainstream acts, receive co-signs from reputable deejays, etc. At the moment, he is operating under SRNC Music Management Group and gearing up to release a new mixtape this season labeled, Nacho Usual. The tape will be a concept project. The chosen concept is remakes.