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The homies over at BlackWorld Music Group set forth a video earlier this month that causes a mixed reaction of admiration and fear. It’s for a track called “That’s Crazy.” The track was produced by B.u. and also boasts him as an artist along with his long time partner in crime, Big Fab. It is a menacing cut complete with chilling sound effects and twisted content. See just how disturbing things got when the two teamed up with a small group  of acquaintances to put some visuals behind their creepy tune.

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Thinking Out Loud 3: The Other Side Of My Heart (iTunes)

Meet Cassette Coast. He’s a unique brand of artist from Houston, TX. He has an established and respected reputation within the Southern underground Hip-Hop scene which he uses to his advantage to try and bring something new to the game. His style has been described as eccentric and bluesy due to his melodic delivery and alternative production selections. Just a few short days ago he ended a three year hiatus and dropped the last project in his Thinking Out Loud trilogy, Thinking Out Loud 3: The Other Side Of My Heart. The first two projects can be found here. In honor of the big release, Coast wrote a heartfelt blog to his fans. He just wanted share a few of his thoughts and emotions as it relates to what he has dubbed his “reintroduction” to the music world. Click the jump to find out how Coast did with the new presentation of himself.

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“Cookie Cutter B!tches” (preview)

Snow Tha Product is going all out for the campaign of her upcoming mixtape, Good Nights and Bad Mornings. She has leaked the second and third singles, shot a brand new video, and revealed the release date. Said date happens to be December 12. So it will be an early holiday treat for all of Snow’s “woke” supporters out there. The tape’s second single is titled “Cookie Cutter B!tches” and it’s doing just as well as the first single if not better. The visuals to the blazing record are making a major impression as well. Let’s dig into the track to start and then take a look at the video after the break.

The production here is impeccable. The grounded foundation, snazzy secondary components, and magnetic street vibe can not be denied. The hook is fresh. The delivery is full of personality and the lyrics stick with the listener. The verses are on ten. Snow serves up her tough chic flow, witty wordplay, and brazen quality rhymes. She establishes a crystal clear distinction between herself and females of a lesser stature. A few lines worth running back are: “I could be the finisher that’ll make you meet ya maker. See if you still sleeping, I’m a wake and bake and shake ya. See I be repping real women. So b!tches seeming faker. Now they be tripping on me but like MGK say, lace up. Cause my style is permanent and these b!tches dry eraser. And all you April fools, I’ll kill you off before uhm May come. Yeah I know guerrilla warfare if you want to ape up.” Nothing but cold spitting and raw talent going on in those bars. As a whole, this song is a gem and an incredible way to follow up the first single. Peep how Snow brought the track to life below.

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“My Life Is A Dream” F/ Euro League & BXHXLD (listen/download)

Rockstxr Jones is an up-and-coming artist with ties to both the East and the West Coast as he has spent some time in both California and New York. He’s got several projects under his belt and is currently preparing the follow up to his debut album, Better Than Good. The follow up has been dubbed The Good Fight and is set to be unleashed sometime in early 2013. To prepare his supporters for the upcoming album, Jones dropped the LP’s first official single “My Life Is A Dream” a few weeks ago. The single was produced by Killbox Music and contains a spin on music from the infamous children’s classic, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.