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Kal’L is a busy man. He just welcomed a new life into his family, owned his first ever event, is working on a collaboration month, and more. But he still managed to drop a new single for those following the two week campaign. Gotta respect the hustle. The newest release is entitled “She Got Away.” Here is what Kal had to say about the song: “If you’ve EVER let the person of your dreams slip through your fingers … If you’ve ever appreciated someone when it was too late … If you’ve ever seen the person you feel you were supposed to be with and they’re happy with someone else … This track is for you!” Sounds like this one is going to be deep.

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“Nobody seems to care about the hood, but glorifies it and profits off it while the hood is dying, and forgotten about. People take so much from our suffering and give little to nothing back. I was that little kid who wanted those Jordans and felt good when I had them on my feet until someone tried robbing me for them. It felt good looking at videos watching rappers talk about money until the video was over and I was still in an abandoned building. I grew up in terrible conditions and turned out okay, I didn’t become a statistic. I felt like my story and image could provide an outlet for kids going through similar situations. The word president represents honor, diligence, intelligence, and so many other characteristics that keep me strong during the worst times in my life.”DOX (On Being “The President Of A Forgotten Area In Society”) / DOX is a rising emcee who proudly represents Brooklyn, NY. He’s been through hell and back but has still managed to overcome the odds. Using music as a way to not only escape the negativity but to share his story; he is hoping to serve as a shining example to others. He took some time to speak with The Illixer about a vast array of topics, which includes things like: living with a drug addicted parent, running away from home, and much more. Get filled in on all the details after the jump.

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Johnny Cashville (listen/download)

**Note: Southern Hospitality is a new category on the site that will feature unique content from the underground/independent Southern Hip-Hop scene. Love it or hate it, it has been consistently booming over the years and doesn’t appear to be slowing down any time soon.

Rehab ATM is a long time artist in the underground Southern Hip-Hop scene. He has been representing for Nashville, TN for about 12 years and counting now. He is affiliated with Cashville Records and Black Fly Music. He has worked with a respected group of fellow rappers like Young Buck and Jelly Roll. Just one day ago, he released a brand new mixtape titled Johnny Cashville. The project features the hit single “Sheesh.” In honor of the new project, Rehab ATM threw a release party. Check out some of the footage from said party below.