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Renaissance (listen/download)

“Facebook seems as if it’ll be around forever. Twitter seems like it’s a lot like MySpace in my opinion, very popular, but very spammy and buggy. I predict that Twitter will not be as popular five years from now, and everyone will either move onto the next biggest thing or Facebook. Plus, I get more data back from Facebook which helps me target my posts/messages for maximum effect!”David E. Beats (On Leaving Twitter) / David E. Beats is no stranger to the site musically. His one of a kind style and clever lyrics have made quite the impression. But who exactly is this eccentric individual? Find out via the recent interview he did with The Illixer. He talks about: the genre that he created, being a self-taught musician, his partnership with his wife, and more. Catch it all after the break.

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The Prelude (listen/download)

“I would probably be in an office somewhere working with computers. I graduated from Business School and I have my certificate in Computer Technology and Computer Information. So yeah I probably would be doing something in that field.” King Gamble (On If He Wasn’t Rapping) / King Gamble was first introduced to readers via his creative videos to songs by Red Cafe and Teairra Mari. The response to the videos was good and his free-spirited persona makes one want to learn a little bit more about him. So he was kind enough to take a break from promoting his new project to allow The Illixer to pick his brain for an exclusive Q&A. See what he revealed after the jump.

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“100” (Previous Review)

“On The Rise” (Previous Review)

The Hoodie Chronicles – Volume 1 (listen/download)

In less than a week, Milwaukee emcee Son Em’ All will be dropping his highly anticipated mixtape The Hoodie Chronicles – Volume 1. The tape features 14 brand new tracks, two of which have already been leaked to the site and are linked above in case readers missed them. The artwork was provided by RA and the tape was mastered by B.U., both are members of BlackWorld Music Group. The Illixer has been given the opportunity to present readers with an exclusive early critique of the mixtape. Get the scoop after the jump.