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Rebel In Disguise

Milwaukee rapper T.One Guevara has been doing his thing for a few years now. He has three solid projects under his belt so far and a strong production team behind him. Earlier this month he released his fourth mixtape entitled Rebel In Disguise. The tape contains 17 tracks and features production from the homie Jay Regal. When asked to describe the tape, here is what Guevara had to say: “Basically on this tape I wanted to motivate people to think BIG, too many people settle for less. You have to want more. It’s a big world to be seen out there and a lot of things that we don’t think are possible to obtain. But it all starts with a dream and a plan! Rebel In Disguise – the title is really a salute to all the great protesters, freedom fighters, and activists. I share a lot of their beliefs and I wanted to show that to the world!”  With that in mind, let’s dig into some tracks.

(Photo By GetGlue.Com)

Remember the old school television show Hollywood Squares? It was a television game show that ran off and on from 1966 – 2004. The basis of the show pitted two contestants against each other in a game of tic-tac-toe for cash and prizes. The show featured a 3D version of the tic-tac-toe grid that contained a group of celebrities. The celebrities would be asked a variety of questions and then the contestants would have to guess if the star was right or wrong. The show was semi-scripted as sometimes the stars were given a little help with fake answers to the questions but otherwise everything was original. The show was also known for the comedic elements laced throughout the exchanges between the host, contestants, and stars.